About us

My family has been retailing in Atlantic City since the 1990s. I was behind the cash register when I was 6 years old and could barely look at the counter at first.

I was deeply influenced by urban fashion and music. In retrospect, that doesn't seem to work today. Things were different back then. We were people who went to the store to buy everything, including furniture, beauty supplies, general merchandise. We knew everyone by name and grew with the community. Things started to change in the late nineties and as a small business it became more difficult to compete with the big retailers.

Fortunately, we saw an opportunity in wig fashion in 2006 and experienced a renaissance. At that time, wig importers started to improve the design and quality. We needed to share this with a wider audience through e-commerce, and in 2010, 2feet was born.

We quickly realized that it wasn't enough to just have a good website and a good product, we needed a way to spread the word. TikTok was the answer, and Boroux pursued a massive TikTok video creator collaboration.
To this day, we regularly work with reputable stylists and manufacturers, first to introduce the latest fashions. Second, we work with many TikTok video creators to promote our products.

2Feet offers a wide range of products: synthetic wigs

With an efficient international delivery system, we can collect high-quality products and provide customers with better and faster online shopping services.

Thank you for sharing our story.